Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fair Isle Pajamas: A Review

I'm terribly sorry I didn't get this review up earlier. My family and I were out of town this weekend and we got back later that I had expected. Anyways, here is my review of the Fair Isle Pajamas:

To start off, I think they are adorable!

The shirt is long-sleeved and has a curved hem. 
It is wonderful quality, but snags easily 

It is thermal knit and has cute little
embroidered snowflakes.

I love the pattern on the leggings.
They scrunch a bit when tucked into the slippers

They seem a little baggy to me

The slippers fur lining is very soft, but the 
cloth footing is very thin and cheap.

The outfit also comes with one ponytail binder.
I'm not sure how to review a ponytail binder :)

Rachel loves her new pajamas! What are your thoughts?
Later in the week I will do a comparison between the Polar Bear Pj's and the Fair Isle Pj's
 - Jessica


  1. These look super cute; at first I wasn't thrilled about the pink overload but I really like these. Thanks for the review, I loved seeing your pics and hearing your thoughts. :)

    1. I thought they were a bit of a pink overload too. Even in the car home I was having second thoughts. Once I saw them on my doll though, I was sold!

  2. Great review! Those Pj's are sooooo cute! :)

    1. Thanks, I agree - they rank high in the "cuteness category"