The Pets

Coconut - Westie
Personality: Cuddly, loyal, adventurous
Favorite Activity: Chase-the-ball
Owner: Lilly

Honey - Golden Retriever
Personality: Playful, cheerful, sporty
Favorite Activity: Swimming
Owner: Rachel

Pepper - Husky
Personality: Peppy, bouncy, full of life
Favorite Activity: Fetch
Owner: Lilly

Nutmeg - Bunny
Personality: Gentle, peaceful, smart
Favorite Activity: Hide-and-seek
Owner: Hailey

Nikki - Thoroughbred Horse
Personality: Energeic, athltic, friendly
Favorite Activity: Competative Jumping
Owner: Felicity

Smokey - Appaloosa Horse
Personality: Curious, faithful, calm
Favorite Activity: Dressage (ballet for horses)
Owner: Felicity

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