Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Curl AG Doll Hair: Straight

A little while ago I put curlers in Hailey's hair.Though she has straight hair, it worked! 
So, to do this, use 12-15 curlers. Mist your doll's hair and take little sections. I left the curler's in for 4-5 days. I misted the hair every 12 hours. The hair was curled because it dried in a curled position. I suggest putting the curlers in during the middle of the week when you may not use your doll as much and taking them out over in the weekend when you may have more time to style it or do a photoshoot.

Before, Front

Before, Back

Right After, Front

Right After, Back


The wind in her hair

From the back

The curled kind of flipped up here

She accidentally toppled over, but look at her curls!

My favorite

The curled only lasted a day or two but they were absolutely gorgeous on her. Please send me a picture of your doll if you try out this method! I would LOVE to see how it works on other dolls.
 - Jessica

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Soccer Season - A Photostory

Hey, it is girl's soccer season at my school, so I got inspired to do a little soccer themed photo story. I think this is my best photo story yet so I really hope you like it!

"You are so NOT going to score a goal on me this time!" Hailey yelled

Rachel did her best to defend against Lilly, but Lilly's fancy footwork got the best of her.

Lilly dodged past Rachel and kicked.

The ball sailed right between Hailey's legs, again.

"Aw, man! How do you keep doing that!" Cried Hailey
"Well she does have a bit of practice" Rachel said, gesturing to Lilly's uniform

"Hey" said Lilly "I always wear my uniform when I am playing soccer. It is, like, a good luck charm."
"Well your good luck charm seems to be working" Hailey muttered, "The score is 6-1. And we are playing 2 on 1!"

 "Actually, as I seem to recall, the score is 6-0. The time Rachel grabbed me by the legs so you could score doesn't count" said Lilly.
"Can we just keep playing?" Rachel asked.
"Sure, let's go again" Lilly replied

Rachel got the ball and started dribbling down the field.

"Go Rachel!" Hailey cried.

Rachel kicked the ball toward the goal. As she began to run after it . . . 

 . . . she tumbled on top of Lilly!

They hit the ground with an oomph.
Are you guys okay?!?" Hailey cried.

"What happened?" Hailey said as she rushed to their side.
Rachel and Lilly grunted in return

"Oh, it looks like you tripped over a birds nest" Hailey said.
"Can you get off of me" Lilly said in a muffled voice
"Oh, yeah, right" Rachel said scrambling to her feet.

Lilly sat up and they all stared at the nest.
"Who knew something so little could cause so much pain" Rachel remarked
"Hey!" Lilly said, "You got cushioned, try being the one who was squished sometime."

"Hey guys" said Felicity 

They all spun around to see Felicity walking towards them.
Pepper on the other had made a beeline for Lilly - his personal favorite.
"Hey Felicity" They all chimed. "We found a bird's nest"
"Cool" said Felicity  

"Hey I don't know about you guys but I am tired of playing soccer, how about we grab a snack?"
"You could join us too Felicity" said Hailey, "I have an extra muffin"
"Aw, man! I forgot my snack ."said Rachel
"Don't worry" said Lilly, "I have an extra one"

"Yippee!" squealed Rachel as she raced to the picnic table.
Everyone, including Pepper, followed her to the picnic table and started unpacking their snacks. 

"We should do this again sometime" Hailey said, enjoying her muffin
"Anytime" said Lilly "Let's just make sure there are no bird nests, rocks, or any bumps what-so-ever on the field first."
Felicity gave them a questioning look. Lilly, Rachel, and Hailey burst into laughter.

 - Jessica

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Poll Results


The question to our most recent poll was: What is your favorite BeForever Doll?
The winner was : Samantha

I love Samantha's polka dot dress, too cute!

Please take my new poll regarding GOTY Movies!

 - Jessica

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Few Updates and an Award

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to share with you all a few updates.

First I have a button, its located on the right of my screen, grab it if you want! I also put up a list of my fabulous followers.

Second, I just added a couple new blogs to my list of favorite doll blogs and websites. Oh My Dollies and Dolls On My Mind. They are fabulous so check them out!

 Thirdly, I am hoping to start a post schedule. It is tentative and not effective immediately.

Fourthly, I recently watched the project runway inspired by American Girl and you can see the full episode HERE. The designs (most of them) were cute. You can skip towards the end and just see the designs since the episode is an hour long.

Fifthly, I got nominated for an award, the Sunshine Award. This is this the first award I have ever won so thank you to Dolls On My Mind for nominating me!

State five facts about yourself
Answer the five questions
Create five new questions and nominate more bloggers for the award

  1. I am a Perfectionist.-  It is a blessing and a curse
  2. I love bread, rice, noodles, crackers and all other grains
  3. I hate going to bed with a messy room so I clean my room every night
  4. I eat a fried egg for breakfast almost every single day
  5. I always wear jeans to school
Maddie's Questions
1.) AG freckles or custom DIY freckles?
Ag Freckles
2.) Favorite doll hair color?
Black (like Hailey's)
3.) How long have you been blogging?
10 Months
4.) Tees or Hoodies?
Hoodies, I'm from Minnesota.
5.) Favorite doll AG has ever made?
Nikki or Caroline

I've Nominated: 

The Salty Breeze
Pretty Lilly
~Simply Dollightful
American Girl Northwest
Tea Time with Melody Q
And anyone else, you all make my day brighter!

My Questions
1.) Favorite Girl of the Year?
2.) Pink or Blue?
3.) Cake or Ice Cream?
4.) Historical Dolls or BeForever?
5.) Why do you blog? (What makes you want to blog?)

Okay, I think that is all. Thanks for listening to my ramblings!
 - Jessica

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back - to - School Outfits

Hey Everyone, 
I thought I would share with you some of my favorite back-to-school outfits for my dolls that I have collected over the years. I enjoy looking at American Girl Doll outfits from the past and I hope you do too!

Happy Back-to-School!

School Days Outfit
Released in 2008
Retail Cost: $28 

Jumper and Boots Set
Released in 2008
Retail Cost: $26 

True Style Outfit
Released in 2010
Retail Cost: $28

Sweet School Dress
Released in 2011
Retail Cost: $28

I also wanted to add a little update. I am hoping to start a series that will run the length of the school year. It will be based on Innerstar University and will probably be called Innerstar Academy. My thought is to do a craft or activity related to one of the games at Innerstar University every week in addition to my regular posts. I'll either start next week or the week after. Please tell me what you think in the comments!
 - Jessica

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Planting Flowers for Fall

Hello, Rachel here. I'm going to do a show-and-tell of how to plant some pretty fall flowers. I'm going to be using mums today in different fall colors. Let's get started.

First dig a hole.

Make sure it is deep enough so your flowers aren't sticking out above the top.

Secondly, place your flowers inside.

Press the dirt down a little bit, but don't pack it.

Thirdly, water, water, water.

Get used to watering because you are going to be doing it everyday until you no longer want flowers. 

Now you are done. Ta-da, you have a beautiful fall garden!
Please send me pictures of your garden, if you have one, I would love to see them!

 - Jessica & Rachel

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sporty Hairstyles

Hello, I thought I would share with you some super quick and easy sporty hairstyles. Seriously, these are really easy, they only took me a couple minutes each. Oh, and sorry about the picture quality.

Hairstyle #1.
First start french braiding your doll's hair. Stop about half way.

Secure her hair with a pony tail binder.

Then I added a cute sun visor.

Hairstyle #2.

Put your doll's hair into two high pigtails.

Twist them to form mini buns. Secure with hair elasctics

Add a headband if you'd like

Hairstyle #3.

Put your dolls's hair into a half ponytail

Take the remaining hair an place it in another ponytail 

Add a headband for a pop of color.

Hairstyle #4.

Start by putting your doll's hair in a half ponytail.

Place the remaining hair into two high ponytails 

Add colorful ponytail holders for team spirit!

I hope you enjoyed! What are your doll(s) favorite sport(s)?
- Jessica