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Felicity Ruth Merriman

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry
Favorite Animal: Horses Nikki and Smokey
Favorite Food: Grilled Chicken and Corn on the Cob
Favorite Sweet Treat: Peti Fours
Characteristics: Super Smart and Spunky
Sports: Competitive Horseback Riding 
School Activities: Math team and Science Olympiad
Hobby(s): Volunteering at the Animal Shelter
Birthday: April 21
Dream Career: Veterinarian
Fun Fact: Felicity lived in Virginia until she was eight

Lilly Anne Taylor
Favorite Color: Turquoise 
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rocky Road
Favorite Animal: Her dogs,Coconut and Pepper
Favorite Food: Lasagna and garlic bread
Favorite Sweet Treat: Cheesecake
Characteristics: Shy and Sweet
Sports: Soccer 
School Activities: Student Council and Photography Club
Hobby(s): Baking (especially cupcakes!)
Birthday: January 8
Dream Career: Pro. photographer
Fun Fact: Lilly's parents are chefs 

Rachel Maria Rodriguez
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Icecream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite Animal: Her dog, Honey
Favorite Food: Chips and spicy salsa
Favorite Sweet Treat: Fried ice cream
Characteristics: Friendly and Outgoing
Sports: Ice skating 
School Activities: Speech Club and Spanish Club
Hobby(s): gardening
Birthday: August 30
Dream Career: Managing the family's Mexican Restaurant
Fun Fact: Rachel's parents immigrated from Mexico when they were very little

Hailey Alyssa Morgan
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies 'n Cream
Favorite Animal: Her bunny rabbit, Nutmeg
Favorite Food: Chinese stir-fry
Favorite Sweet Treat: Good old chocolate chip cookies
Characteristics: Courageous and Funny
Sports: Gymnastics 
School Activities: School Musicals and Choir Ensemble
Hobby(s): Shopping!!!
Birthday: October 15
Dream Career: Star on Broadway or be an Olympic gymnast
Fun Fact: Hailey was adopted from China

Mallory (Molly) Abigail McIntyre
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Neapolitan 
Favorite Animal: Jack Russell Terriers
Favorite Food: Fresh Garden Salad
Favorite Sweet Treat: Chocolate Cupcakes
Characteristics: Helpful and Lively
Sports: Ballet and Tap
School Activities: School Newspaper and Yearbook
Hobby(s): Girl Scouts 
Birthday: June 22
Dream Career: Newspaper Reporter
Fun Fact: Molly's Dad is a doctor in the U.S. Military

Addison (Addy) Jane Walker
Favorite Color: Royal Blue
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Peach
Favorite Animal: Canaries
Favorite Food: Three Bean Hot-dish and Cornbread
Favorite Sweet Treat: Cherry Pie and Ice Cream
Characteristics: Hardworking and Brave
Sports: Swim Team

School Activities: Culinary Club and Art Club
Hobby(s): Sewing
Birthday: May 9
Dream Career: Wedding Planner
Fun Fact: Addy's ancestors came to America as slaves


  1. Hailey and Rachel are REALLY pretty! I love all your dolls, and I hope Addy and Molly are fitting in well!

    1. Thank you! I agree, Hailey and Rachel are very photogenic. Addy and Molly are fitting in wonderfully :) thanks for your inquiry.

  2. I love your dolls! The more I see pictures of Hailey, the more I want her :P