Monday, June 30, 2014

First Day of Camp Innerstar

 "Oh goodness" Felicity cried as she rushed to her computer. "The campers will be arriving any minute!"
"I hope the girls in my cabin are nice, and that they get along" she thought.
 There was no more time for thinking, because Felicity heard foot steps approaching. She quickly opened the registration page on her laptop and looked up.
 Her gaze was greeted by a fair skinned, smiling girl in a very large sun hat. "Hello" Felicity said, "Welcome to CAMP Innerstar. May I please have your name?"
"My name is Lilly Anne Taylor" the girl quickly replied.
"Well, it is nice to meet you Lilly. You are actually the first one here" Felicity said
"Oh . . . um" replied Lilly.
Seeing her hesitation Felicity quickly said "you can stay here, in the office, until another one of your cabin-mates arrives."
"Okay" Lilly said with a relieved smile as she turned to find a place to sit.
 As she did another girl, with long dark hair, arrived. "Welcome to CAMP Innerstar" Felicity said.
 Loudly and proudly she introduced herself "I am Hailey Alyssa Morgan" she said.
 "Hailey you are in the same cabin as Lilly" Felicity said. Lilly spun around when she heard her name. Just in time to see Felicity motioning in the direction of their cabin. "I think you two can find it from here" Felicity continued.
 Lilly and Hailey walked off towards their cabin.
 Right then, yet another girl arrived. She was very bubbly and excited as Felicity checked her in.
 "Name please" Felicity asked. "Rachel Maria Rodriguez" The girl replied
 When Rachel arrived at Cabin Dragonfly, she found Lilly and Rachel talking.. "Ahem" Rachel said to get their attention. "Um, I'm Rachel." she continued
 Lilly and Hailey both looked up and studied their new cabin mate for a second before saying anything . . .
 . . . By the time Felicity, their cabin counselor, stopped by, the girls were talking like they had known each other for years. "Oh, good!" Felicity thought to herself as she went to join them.
"We are going to have a wonderful summer!" she said as she walked through the door.

I hope you enjoyed this little story! More from CAMP Innerstar coming tomorrow!

 - Jessica

Friday, June 27, 2014

Camp Innerstar - UPDATE

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to update you on Camp Innerstar. I am planning for it to officially start on the 30th of June and run to the end of August. I hope you consider checking it out!

- Jessica

Summer Road Trip

You may be wondering why I haven't posted in a very long time. The answer to that is that I was on vacation. Felicity came with me. We went on a road trip out west to North and South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. Here are some pictures of our trip.

Painted Canyon, North Dakota

Rock Climbing, Montana

That's a long ways down!, Montana

ROCKS, Montana

Yellowstone "Lower Falls", Montana

This is a nice place to sit, Montana

Big tree, Montana

Log, Montana

Another log, Montana

Cool stump, Montana

Grand Tetons wildflowers, Wyoming

More flowers, Wyoming

Sunshine!, South Dakota

BIG stump, South Dakota

Rock Wall, South Dakota
Okay, so the three main places that we traveled to were Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park, and Mount Rushmore. Though you may not believe me, based on these pictures,  but it was very cold on our trip, for 4 days it did not get above 50 degrees. It rained, hailed, and SNOWED! So, we built a snowman of course! It was very fun vacation.

Have you gone on a summer vacation?
 - Jessica

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Camp Innerstar

Hey Darlings,

I'm sorry that I have not posted in a while. I had so many school finals to prepare for. I just finished up all of my finals yesterday! School is all done and I am supper excited for summer! I have an exciting doll announcement too - Camp Innerstar! I am a big fan of Doll Diaries' Camp Doll Diaries and thought I would create a doll camp of my own. A lot of my inspiration for this camp is credited to them. I highly encourage you to check out Doll Diaries. (The link is under" My Favorite Doll Blogs and Websites" tab.)Below is the new camp logo. I will be doing many camp related crafts throughout the summer and I invite you to join me in the fun!

- Jessica