Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hey Darlings,

My Birthday was last Friday, the twenty-first. I turned 15!

A Dolly Party

As you can see, my dolls joined the fun as well, so did the pets! They are eating some treats and playing pin the hat on the elephant!

For my birthday my family and I went to the Mall of America. The mall is about 30 minutes from our house which is really nice. We rode on the rides and, of course, went to the American Girl Doll store!

- Jessica

Saturday, March 15, 2014

American Girl 40% off sale

Hey darlings,

American Girl has recently put up 11 pages of merchandise that is 40% off. Hurry, everything is only avalible while supplies last!
Are you going to get anything? Comment and tell me what your favorite item is!


- Jessica

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ballet Fashion

Hey Darlings,

I got inspired by Isabelle's ballet fashion to create some of my own. Below are some outfits and hirstyles that I have put together. Hopefully this inspires ou to create your own!

Hailey is wearing a retired AG tank and breif set for her leotard with a retired AG ballet skirt over the top. She is wearing tights from Nellie's Christmas dress and shoes from AG pink petal outfit. The neklace is handmade. Her hair is simply pulled back with a headband.

Lilly is also wearing a leotard made out of a tank and breif set, it came with the retired one above. The shoes are from AG "real me" outfit. The necklace and hairbow are from Emily's Christmas dress. The tutu is handmade, tutorial coming soon. Her hair is in a curly ponytail with a bow.

Dresses don't have to originally be for dolls. This is a build-a-bear dress that I "took in" with hair clips in the back. Shoes are from AG star hoodie outfit. Rachel's hair is french braided.

Felicity is wearing a leoterd form a retired AG ballet outfit. The shoes and leg warmers are from the same outfit. Her neclace is a child's bracelet. The ribbon tutu is handmade, tutorial coming soon. Her hair is in a bun with the headband from the sweet savanah outfit.

Happy Dancing!

- Jessica

Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Darling Member!

Hello my doll lovers! My Name is Rylee. Jessica has been so kind as to ask me to guest star on her amazing blog! So As a first post I decided to introduce you to my dolls.

This is Kit Kittredge. I believe I got her in 2009 for Christmas when I was 9 years old!

This is Kanani Akina. I got her in 2010 at the Mall of America with my own money.

This is Felicity Merriman.  I got her a few months after Kanani from my sister who had gotten her the same time I got kit.

This is Kiley May( MAG#56) I got her for christmas, 2011 from my aunt.

This is McKenna Brooks. I got Her for christmas in 2012 from my grandma.

And lastly, This is Quinn(MAG#48) I got her a few months after I got McKenna, from my Parents.

Now that You know about all of my dolls I am going to tell you just a little about me.
I have liked dolls ever since I was 8 and got obessesd with American girl dolls around that time. Up until earlier this year I Loved my dolls with all my heart. My parents always would tell me that I would grow out of dolls I never believed them. Anyway, I had a american girl doll blog called AG Delight. I had that blog for around a year and a half and then one day I went to sign up for a google+ account typed in my age and they deleted EVERYTHING that was connected to my Gmail account (because I was too young). I was super sad but it was kinda good for me because I was starting to feel disconnected from my blog and my dolls. A few months after that ordeal happend I packed all of my dolls away and forgot about them. You are problebly wondering why I am here if I don't really like dolls anymore. Well here is your answer. Just a month or so ago Jessica asked if I could guest star on her blog. At first I wasn't sure because I had them packed away and I was unsure I wanted to start blogging about dolls again. But then I decided that It would be good for me to get busy again and teach myself self discipline and to help Jessica out! So that is where I am now! Just to tell you a little about me, I LOVE gymnastics so much! I am not in gymnastics but I teach myself and am going to start going to open gym to do bar and beam. I have four sibling and a mom and dad. I hope you enjoy my posts as well as Jessica's.
You can follow me on google plus by clicking Here. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

New American Girl Releases

I thought that I would show you my favorite and not so favorite parts of the new American Girl release.

My Favorites:

I love the color of this dress; isn't it just too cute? I would consider getting it if I didn't already have so many sundresses.

Oh, I LOVE this outfit, mostly the swimsuit. That pattern is just so summery.The cover up thing is cute but the sinch at the waist looks a little odd.

This coat is really cute, I think I like the old rain coat better though. This pattern it kind of over powering. The boois with the little bow are adorable though. The umbrella is really cute too. I didn't notice before that the boots came with the unbrella not the coat though. So if you want both the coat and the boots, you have to pay around 60 dollars.

I am also very excited to see that the Historical Dolls are getting more attention. Well after looking through the releases, I don't think that I have any dislikes. What are your likes and dislikes of the new relase?

- Jessica