Monday, November 24, 2014

The Hike Part 2 - A Photostory

Check out Part 1 of The Hike HERE

Where we last left off . . .

"Come on Lilly help me up!" called Rachel,
"Hello, Lilly!" 

"Fine, I'll do it myself" said Rachel.

"Um, . . . Lilly" questioned Rachel.


"Lilly, Lilly, I'm coming Lilly!" cried Rachel.

"Humph" moaned Rachel.

"Are you okay" questioned Rachel.

"Answer me Lilly, answer me!" pleaded Rachel.

"I have to get down to her" Rachel thought as she sat up, "but how?"

"There has to be some way down" reasoned Rachel.

Rachel walked over to the edge of the rock.

"Look, there's another rock!" said Rachel.

"Now if I can just get down to it" thought Rachel.

"Almost there, keep going" Rachel encouraged herself.

"Don't stop now" said Rachel.

"There!" cried Rachel.

"Now to get to Lilly!" said Rachel.

"I'll just slide down this rock" thought Rachel.

"I made it!" said Rachel.

Rachel turned the corner.

She slid down to Lilly's side.

"It's okay Lilly, I'm here . . .

 . . . you are going to be okay" said Rachel.

"I need to get you out of here, but I cannot move you on my own" said Rachel

"Oh, God, please, I need your help!" Rachel cried

"Hey, are you okay?!?" someone yelled as they started to run.

"Thank you, God" Rachel whispered

I hope you enjoyed it!
A little background information: So, I wasn't planning on Lilly falling and everything but while I was taking the first picture of this post she actually did fall. (So that first picture is an action shot, haha.) Anyways, after Lilly fell, I left her where she fell and built my story around the incident; after I made sure she wan't missing any limbs or anything :)
 - Jessica

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Hike Part 1 - A Photostory

I took these pictures a few weeks ago, I hope you enjoy them!

"Let's get hiking!" said Lilly

"Okay" replied Rachel, "I'm right behind you"

"Here, let me help you" said Lilly

"Oh, thanks" said Rachel

"Goodness, how are we supposed to get up there?" questioned Rachel

"Just like this" replied Lilly as she hopped on to a branch. 
"Whoa, be careful!" cried Rachel. She ran over to help her friend.

"Don't worry about me" said Lilly, "I'll be fine!"

"I'm almost up" stated Lilly
"You can do it!" encouraged Rachel

"My turn" said Rachel hesitantly.

"Come on!" urged Lilly

"I don't know about this" said Rachel, "Maybe we should go a different way"

"It's okay Rachel, I'm not going to let you fall" said Lilly.

"Hooray, you made it, good, now help me up this next part!" instructed Lilly.

"Wow, I can see a long ways from here!" said Lilly

"That is great Lilly" replied Rachel. (sarcastically) Now are you sure this is safe? 

"Aw, sure it is!" said Lilly confidently

As long as you don't drop me, we'll be fine" said Lilly

"If you don't hurry up I might" said Rachel

"Seriously Lilly, HURRY UP!" cried Rachel 

"Okay, moving along" said Lilly

"I feel like I'm on top of the world" insisted Lilly

"Don't fall now, careful!" instructed Rachel

"I'm just about there" replied Lilly

"Help me up once your in a safe spot" requested Rachel

"I will, just a sec" replied Lilly

"Humph" said Rachel as she began to pull herself up the rocks.

"I'm almost . . . there!" 
But just as she landed, she lost her footing.

Part 2 will be posted later in the week.
Comment what you think of the story so far and what you think will happen next.
 - Jessica