Sunday, December 28, 2014

Help Name My New Dolls!

Happy Late Christmas! As some of you may know, I recently got Molly and Addy. I want to give them names that Molly and Addy will be the nicknames for. Here are my favorites:

For Molly:          For Addy:
Mallory              Andrea
Mollyanne           Addison
Melissa              Adalynn

Please help me choose a name for each by comment which one is your favorite for each doll!
Oh, you can also see the beginnings of Molly and Addy's profiles under the "My Darling Dolls" tab!
 - Jessica

Friday, December 26, 2014

GOTY 2015 Collection

Hello Everyone,
If you haven't already seen, here is a link to a video showing the entire GOTY collection: HERE
 - Jessica

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Seven Days of Style

Hello Everyone,
This post was inspired by the fabulous Bella and Lulu over at  the Doll Mag. You can check out their post by clicking here.

You will need:
2 long sleeved tees      
1 jacket                       
1 poncho / sweater         
1 winter skirt       
1 Christmas Dress  
1 pair of ballet flats
1 Pair of cozy boots
Optional: Ice Skates
Ice Skating

Christmas Shopping

School Recital

Christmas Caroling

Cookie Baking

Christmas Eve Church service

To Grandmothers's House we Go!

I hope you enjoyed!
 - Jessica

Sunday, December 14, 2014

1 Year Blogaversary!

Hello Everyone,
I have been blogging for one year now! It has been a wonderful year and I want to thank all of you for being a part of it! I have had so much fun thinking up posts for you all and I hope you have had fun reading them. Below is a group picture of all of my dolls celebrating one year of blogging!
 - Jessica

Behind the Scenes

Thursday, December 11, 2014

2 New Dolls!

Today I got 2 new dolls! They are both Pleasant Company dolls. One is Addy and the other is Molly. As you can see they don't have their complete meet outfits or accessories. They will also need a bit of TLC, but I think restoring them is going to be a very fun challenge. There will be many posts in the future as I restore them and "introduce" them to my other dolls and such. I will also do a review of them, so stay tuned!
 - Jessica

Sorry for the picture quality, I took the pics really quick so I could show you all.
Here are the dolls exactly as they came.



Friday, December 5, 2014

Poll Results - Early December

The question to our most recent poll was: What do you think of GOTY Isabelle?
The winner was : I like her

The votes were very mixed on this poll but there was a clear winner. I am indifferent to Isabelle I think she is pretty but I don't like her collection. 
Please take my new poll regarding what you want for Christmas!

 - Jessica

Monday, December 1, 2014

Collaboration Post with Picture Perfect AG

Hey Darlings,
A few days ago Rylee, over at Picture Perfect AG and I got together for a couple of collaboration photo shoots. So, below are some lovely pictures that Rylee and I took of her doll Hazel and my doll Hailey. Check out our other photo shoot of Kiley and Rachel on Rylee's blog HERE.

I hope you enjoyed these photos!
Again, don't forget to stop by to see our other photo shoot HERE.
 - Jessica

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Hike Part 2 - A Photostory

Check out Part 1 of The Hike HERE

Where we last left off . . .

"Come on Lilly help me up!" called Rachel,
"Hello, Lilly!" 

"Fine, I'll do it myself" said Rachel.

"Um, . . . Lilly" questioned Rachel.


"Lilly, Lilly, I'm coming Lilly!" cried Rachel.

"Humph" moaned Rachel.

"Are you okay" questioned Rachel.

"Answer me Lilly, answer me!" pleaded Rachel.

"I have to get down to her" Rachel thought as she sat up, "but how?"

"There has to be some way down" reasoned Rachel.

Rachel walked over to the edge of the rock.

"Look, there's another rock!" said Rachel.

"Now if I can just get down to it" thought Rachel.

"Almost there, keep going" Rachel encouraged herself.

"Don't stop now" said Rachel.

"There!" cried Rachel.

"Now to get to Lilly!" said Rachel.

"I'll just slide down this rock" thought Rachel.

"I made it!" said Rachel.

Rachel turned the corner.

She slid down to Lilly's side.

"It's okay Lilly, I'm here . . .

 . . . you are going to be okay" said Rachel.

"I need to get you out of here, but I cannot move you on my own" said Rachel

"Oh, God, please, I need your help!" Rachel cried

"Hey, are you okay?!?" someone yelled as they started to run.

"Thank you, God" Rachel whispered

I hope you enjoyed it!
A little background information: So, I wasn't planning on Lilly falling and everything but while I was taking the first picture of this post she actually did fall. (So that first picture is an action shot, haha.) Anyways, after Lilly fell, I left her where she fell and built my story around the incident; after I made sure she wan't missing any limbs or anything :)
 - Jessica