Sunday, March 2, 2014

New American Girl Releases

I thought that I would show you my favorite and not so favorite parts of the new American Girl release.

My Favorites:

I love the color of this dress; isn't it just too cute? I would consider getting it if I didn't already have so many sundresses.

Oh, I LOVE this outfit, mostly the swimsuit. That pattern is just so summery.The cover up thing is cute but the sinch at the waist looks a little odd.

This coat is really cute, I think I like the old rain coat better though. This pattern it kind of over powering. The boois with the little bow are adorable though. The umbrella is really cute too. I didn't notice before that the boots came with the unbrella not the coat though. So if you want both the coat and the boots, you have to pay around 60 dollars.

I am also very excited to see that the Historical Dolls are getting more attention. Well after looking through the releases, I don't think that I have any dislikes. What are your likes and dislikes of the new relase?

- Jessica

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