Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Planting Flowers for Fall

Hello, Rachel here. I'm going to do a show-and-tell of how to plant some pretty fall flowers. I'm going to be using mums today in different fall colors. Let's get started.

First dig a hole.

Make sure it is deep enough so your flowers aren't sticking out above the top.

Secondly, place your flowers inside.

Press the dirt down a little bit, but don't pack it.

Thirdly, water, water, water.

Get used to watering because you are going to be doing it everyday until you no longer want flowers. 

Now you are done. Ta-da, you have a beautiful fall garden!
Please send me pictures of your garden, if you have one, I would love to see them!

 - Jessica & Rachel


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    1. Oh, thanks so much, they were really fun to take. Rachel only got a little wet and dirty :)