Friday, October 10, 2014

AG 2014 Winter Release

Here are my thoughts on the American Girl 2014 Winter Release. I only am showing the MAG items.

I really like this dress. The sparkles and tulle are just to cute!

I like this dress too, but something about the style kind of reminds me of a bitty baby outfit.

I don't like this set. The fake blue fur vest with sparkly cap sleeves just looks weird to me. Maybe in person it would look better.

This outfit is really pretty and unique. I don't think I will get it because you can't really mix and match the pieces well.

I am almost positive I am going to get these pajamas for Rachel. They will go great with her skin tone.

This set is really fun. After looking at a close up of the jacket on the AG website, I didn't really like the pattern, it looked to much like doodles. I preferred the old coat set.

The AG website shows this as 2 peices. A tank topped dress and the white long-sleeved thing to go over the top. I'm not sure how that works or how it makes it a 2-in-1 set.

This dress is adorable, but it kind of looks like an Our Generation outfit, not so much AG. And the hat doesn't come with it.

Here is the hat and helmet, a lot like Saige's set.

I like the pants, boots and jacket. The bow just looks tacky to me.

Another horse, does he look a bit cheap to you?

This is so pretty - if only it wasn't so crazy expensive!

AG also released these sparkly black flats. They would go great with any outfit. Especially those that don't come with shoes. $14 seems like a lot for a pair of shoes though. 

What are your thoughts?
 - Jessica


  1. We agree on most things! And that horse does look kind of cheap... I'd like to see more pictures of it before writing it off as tacky but I'm not really fond of it as of yet. :P

    1. Ya, I see what you mean. What is your favorite item?

  2. I have mixed options as well. I really liked the plaid dress, but after seeing it up close in pictures online, it really looked cheap. My favorite item from the release is definitely the happy holiday dress (the first dress you showed).

    ~ Mint

    1. I love that dark blue of that dress! Isn't it great to see a new color?

  3. Cool! I loved reading your thoughts on everything! ;)

    1. I know, it is so fun to hear everyone's opinions!