Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You're A Great Photographer Award

Hey, Here is an award I received:

The Rules:
1. Nominate 3-7 blogs for this award and make a link to the blog.
2. If you are nominated, give 1 of your photography tips and answer the questions given.
3. Go comment on a post of the person you nominated letting them know they were nominated.
4. Copy the picture below on your post.
5. Link your post back to the original post.
6. Add the picture to your tool bar or page.
7. Copy these rules onto your post.
8. Have fun! 

Photography tip: Lighting is the key! Aim for bright pictures try to always take pictures in places with lots of natural light if possible. The pictures don't have to be all sunshine-y depending on the theme of your photo shoot, but dark and shadowy pictures are normally not attractive. 

1.) What camera do you use? I use a Nikon D80, it is an old camera of my dad's. Well it really isn't old, he just upgraded. 
2.) Which one of your dolls is the most photogenic? Probably Hailey. At least, that is what I am told.
3.) Do you like indoor or outdoor photography better? Absolutely outdoors. The lighting is oh so much better than in my house, and the scenery is always changing with the seasons!
 4.) Which season is your favorite to take photos of your dolls? I really like summer because I love to take pictures of my dolls in our garden. Especially by the roses!

Thank you so much to Polka Dot Bee for nominating me!

My questions are the same. 
I am nominating:

The Dolls of Maple Street, Abigail
Girly Doll Type, Megan
Alone in Doll World

 - Jessica

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  1. Congrats on the award! I enjoyed reading your answers! :)