Monday, January 19, 2015

Hair clips from AG

Remember a few months ago when I posted "An Issue With BeForever Outfits"? Anyways, you can read that post for a more in depth explanation but here is the short story: I got 2 BeForever outfits that were advertised to come with a hair clip, but they really weren't supposed to, but AG said they would send them to me anyways in 4-6 months.
So, December 29th was 4 months so we called AG and they said they they could send one and the other was in short supply so they didn't know. When I got home form the AGP Minneapolis on January 3rd. I got a package from them! Here are pictures of me opening them:

Yes, there is a doll sized menu covering up my address.

Yay! Both hair clips came!

I'm so happy to have these after 4 months of waiting!

Sorry that I haven't been posting recently, I have finals next week so I have been preoccupied. 
 - Jessica

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  1. Yay! That's great that you finally got them! :)