Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rebecca and Kit's Outfis: Review and Photoshoot

 Hello, Here are the two outfits I got at The American Girl Place Minneapolis.

 Kit's Outfit                                Rebecca's Outfit

I really like the colors and              This  is the perfect school
pattern of Kit's dress. It is             outfit.The dress is a pretty
just so cute. I absolutely                thin material but still
adore the shoes to. The                durable. I LOVE the sweater
bloomers are, well, bloomers.           so much. It is a  Velcro
I really like that the belt                 closure and the ribbon belt
goes all the way around the           goes all the way around. The
dress. The dress looks great          shoes are velvety and cute!
with a long sleeved shirt                The tights seem like they are
layered underneath it too.              less  material than normal.

Now for the photo shoot:

I hope you enjoyed these pictures!

 - Jessica


  1. Hi!
    I'm AJ! I went to the Minneapolis AG store on that day too! Did you go in the morning? Your blog is so cool!

    1. Hi AJ, I was at the Minneapolis store areound 10:30, 11:30, 2:00, and 3:15. My family and I were at the mall for a while and I kept dropping back in. It would have been cool if we had seen each other without knowing it! Do you have a blog? - I'd love to check it out if you do!

    2. Hi!
      I think we might have seen each other! I was at the AG store from 9:00-1:00. I do have an AG blog! If you click on my name, it should take you there. I hope you check it out!

    3. I just looked at your blog! You are lucky to have so many dolls. I hope that you are having fun with Samantha!

  2. Great pictures! thanks for the review on the dresses, Those are two of the dresses I'm cinsidering putting on my wishlist from BF, :)
    Thanks again!

    1. Well, I would definetly recommend getting them, though there was a little manufacturer's mess-up with both of them. I'm going to post the full story tomorrow if you want more details. It isn't really a big deal though.

  3. Really beautiful photos! I LOVE Rebecca's new meet outfit! It looks really pretty on your Dolly.

  4. Oh, thank you so much! I really like Rebecca's meet outfit too! - It has alot of mix-and-match possibilities.