Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CAMP Innerstar Tour

I realized that you all haven't seen much of CAMP Innerstar so,

Hey, it's Felicity. Here to bring you a behind-the-scenes tour of CAMP Innerstar! 

First we have the office were we check campers in.

There is also a first aid cabinet here

A closer look

Then we have the Arts & Crafts shack. Hey Rachel!

So may supplies

Here is our Cabin!

Our lovely closet

Awesome bunks!!!

Next door is the soccer field. Go Lilly!

To the right is the stables which house Nikki and Smokey

Then the stage. Hailey's practicing for CAMP Innerstar's end of camp talent show. 

Let's take a hike through the forest. Here is my favorite tree!

Near the forest is the beach and lake. 

Right by the lake is the concessions stand serving hungry swimmers  

A closer look

Moving to the lodge, here is the comfy couch .  . . 

 . . . and the yummy food - lunch time!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour.

Please join us Friday for the end of camp talent show. 
I hope you had a wonderful summer!

 - Jessica & Felicity