Friday, August 29, 2014

CAMP Innerstar Talent Show


The CAMP Innerstar Campers and Counselors just finished up their end of the year talent show. Now it is time for them to all head home. It has been a wonderful summer!

Hello and Welcome to the 2014 Camp Innerstar talent show! We have some wonderful acts here tonight, including myself! So, without further a due here is Rachel doing a Jazz Dance Number 


I love this dress

And now here is Hailey with a gymnastics routine!



Up Next is Lilly singing "Do a Deer" from The Sound of Music

Do a deer a female deer
Re a drop of golden sun . . . 

 . . .Mi a name I call myself
Fa a long long way to run  . . .

Thank you Lilly, and last but certainly not least: Counselor Felicity with a stunning ballet performance!


Thank you every one for your participation in this wonderful show . . . group photo!

The Best Summer Ever!

Thank you to everyone who participated in CAMP Innerstar. I hope you had a wonderful summer! 
Stay tuned for Innerstar Academy coming up next week.

I visited the American Girl Place Minneapolis on Thursday and have many pictures from the BeForever Debut, I'll post them tomorrow.

 - Jessica

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