Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Special Package

Hey Darlings,

A little over a month ago a package arrived for me in the mail, from American Girl! It arrived the day before my birhday - what a special surprise.

Want so see what was in it?

Here is the box before opening it. I was disappointed at the hole in the top. Good thing nothing inside was damaged!

This is what the inside looked like, just as I opened it

This magazine came with my order

This is the first outfit that I got - Brocade Dress

Here is the second outfit - Polar Bear Pj's

And finally the third box - Garden Rain boots

All of the items that I got were on sale online at American Girl. I think they are still on sale too.
Have you gotten anything from American Girl recently? What do you want to get next?
I will post a review of these items and pictures of them on my dolls soon!

 - Jessica


  1. Nothing from AG recently, but I just sold two dolls so I think my dolls will need some clothes :)

    1. My dolls always need new clothes too! - Luckily for me, they never grow out of them!

  2. Cool, I didn't know ag had a new magazine!

    1. My stack keeps getting bigger and bigger! I have every magazine since mid 2010 - isn't that crazy? My mom said I should consider getting rid of some but I just can't make myself do it.