Thursday, May 15, 2014

American Girl Doll Outfits: Review

Hey Darlings,

This is a review of the American Girl Doll clothing that I recently purchased. It is all currently on sale online at American Girl. I hope this is helpful!

Brocade Dress

I am really happy with this dress. It is super cute and looks great on all my dolls. There aren't really any mix and match componants to it but it was still a wonderful purchase.

Polar Bear Pj's

Felicity loves her new pj's. They go really nice with her hair. This is the first pair of American Girl pajamas that I have personally purchased. I never really saw the point before but I totally fell in love with these when I saw them in the catalogue. They are even better in person.

Garden Boots

At first I thought that $14 for a pair of boots was kind of crazy, even if they were on sale. After seeing them in person I think they are one of the best purchases I have made with Aerican Girl. I have so many outfits that have read and pink in them and these boots look good with everyone of them. The boots are a little hard to get on but once you take the on and off a few times they loosen up.

Same pink and green heart charm (middle and far right)
One thing that I didn't like was that the Brocade dress came with the same charm that I had aleady gotten with a diferent outfit. I wish they could atleast change the colors.

Brocade Dress Headband

The other think that I was not very pleased with was the long tag on the headband. Eventually I just cut it off.

I recommend all of these items!
What is your favorite Amrican Girl Doll clothing item. (past or present)

- Jessica

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