Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Lilly


Sorry for taking such a long break from blogging! I'm still getting used to going back to school and such.I have around three hours of homework a night so sometimes there just isn't room for blogging. I'm not trying to sound like I am making excuses, I simply would like for you to better understnd my situation. Okay well onto the fun stuff. My doll Lilly's birthday was on Thursday (Jan. 9). My dolls celebrated with some of the fantastic party supplies that I made from this video tutorial from My Froggy Stuff here is the URL:

This video shows how to make doll sized ice cream, cake, pizza, veggie platter, plates, napkins, party hats, party banners, balloons, and more! I spent a whole afternoon making all of this fun stuff so check it out!

Happy Birthday Lilly!

You are so pretty and sweet!

We love you!!!

If you want to learn more about Lilly, check out her profile under "My Darling Dolls" Have a terrific Day!

- Jessica

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