Thursday, January 2, 2014

DIY Super Sleepover!

On New Years Eve Felicity, Lilly, Rachel, and Hailey decided to have a sleepover in anticipation for the new year. They have a few basic tips that would like to share with you on how to make sure your sleepover is super. I also added in a super easy DIY sleeping bag that will take just a couple of seconds to complete. Let's get started!

The girls decided their are 4 "F's" of Sleepovers. The first is Fellowship.Take some time to sit down and chat about what is going on in your lives.
The second is Food. The treats shown above are rasins, M&M's, peanuts and doll sized gummy bears.

The third is Fun. Try playing a game or to generate a fun atmosphere.This doll sized Hello Kitty playing cards deck was found in the Target dollar section.

A puzzle is a great idea too. This doll sized Strawberry Shortcake puzzle was found in the dollar section at Target.

The forth F is Film. My doll's and said goodbye to 2013 girl of he year Saige by watching "Saige Paints the Sky" late on New Years Eve. It acctually ended just a couple minutes into the new year. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture. So, a movie is a great sleepover activity

Now for the craft: DIY Easy Sleeping Bags

You will need a pillow case and doll sized pillows

Simply silip your doll into the pillow case, and fold the extra fabric at the bottom under your doll. Place a pillow under her head and you are done. A pillow case can easily fit 2 dolls side by side.

For one doll, fold the sides of the pillow case inder her as well as the bottom of the case

~ Sweet Dreams~

- Jessica


  1. Those are great ideas! I love how you take the pictures. what camera do you use?

    1. Rylee, the camera I use is a Nikon D80. It is an older one of my Dad's that he lets me use.