Monday, July 14, 2014

The Camp Innerstar Horse Competition

I'd like to apologize for not getting this up yesterday as I had said I would. I ended up being out of the house all day.

Lilly and Rachel competed in The Camp Innerstar Horse Competition on Saturday. 

Rachel & Nikki were up first for "Jumping"
Here she is setting up for a jump.

Going over!

A smile as she jumps.

Leaning back as Nikki clears the jump.

A solid landing!

Happy Rachel after a great run.

Here is Lilly & Smokey in "Dressage."

Smokey prancing.

Transition to sidestep.

Lastly a spin to "wow" the judges.


Awards Ceremony

Lilly & Smokey received an Honorary rose wreath.

Happy smiles.

Rachel and Nikki got first place.

Hooray, a blue ribbon!

I hope you enjoyed this little story

 - Jessica

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