Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Make a Doll Computer

Step One: Gather your materials

You will need:
black foam and black paper
stickers and modge podge
a white colored pencil and a paintbrush
a hinge (mine is 3.5 in.) and scissors
printed-off images of computer keys and screens

Also black paint and an additional paintbrush
A hot glue gun and a box cutter
newspaper and poster mounting putty (not shown)

Step Two: Cut-Out your Images

Here are the different "screens" that I printed off. I have a desktop, word document, excel document, e-mail page, internet search, and a CAMP Innerstar screen saver. I also have a keyboard.

Step Three: Cut-Out Foam and Paper

Measure foam around your hinge and Image. Mark where you want to cut with a white colored pencil. Cut out three foam rectangles and one paper rectangle of equal size.

Step Four: Modge Podge:
Apply Modge Podge to one piece of foam

Place your keyboard image on the foam and cover that with Modge Podge

Step Five: Paint Hinge
Paint all sides of the hinge black. Let dry completely before continuing. 

Step Six: Hot Glue
Apply hot glue around the edge of one piece of foam and across the hinge.

Place keyboard foam on top and press around the edge to seal together.

Do the same as above to the top part of the laptop but place paper on top of the hot glued foam.

Step Seven: Make a Stand
Score a small piece of foam with a box cutter

It should look like this (able to bend but not break in two)

Hot glue to the back of your computer

Step Eight: Add the Screen
Place a small amount of poster mounting putty to each of the corners of your image

Sick on to the paper

Step Nine: Decorate
Apply stickers to the back of the computer.

Step Ten: Play!
No explanation needed (haha)

Have a Wonderful Day!

 - Jessica

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