Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ballet Tutu

Hey Darlings,

Inspired by Isabelle and her dance outfits, I made a tutu:

To start out gather tule and any ribbon

Take a peice of ribbon long enough to go around your dolls waist plus enough to tie a bow in the back. Then tie two knots where the ribbon meets

To cut the tule I used a rotery mat and rotery cutter. The clear looking ruler I used as a guide. Now you need to cut about 50 or more pecies of tulle in 1 in strips. You should cut them 10-14 inches long depending how big you want your tutu to be.

Once you have your tule cut, it is time to tie it to your ribbon. Start by doubling it over and seperating the two peces at the top.

Then place the tule under the ribbon and bring the two ends over the ribbon into the loop you made in the previous step.

Finally, pull tight. And repeat this for 5-7 more peices of tule.

Now we are going to do ribbon. So measure out your ribbon the same length as your tule. You will need 5-10 peices depending on how thick your ribbon is mine is half an inch thick, I think I used 5. I wouldn't use ribbon thicker than half and inch.
For the ribbon, just knot it on. Now repeate your 5-7 peices of tule and a ribbon until you  have reached the other knot.

Here is the finished ribbon tutu.

If you aren't to fond of the ribbons, skip them. This tutu is a little longer and uses more peices of tule to make it puffier.

If you make this, I would love to see how it turns out. You can send me a picture to the e-mail address under the "Contact Me" page or leave a comment.

- Jessica

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